Cyber Security

We all rely heavily on secure, confidential, and reliable data processing and transfer. Keeping our systems operational and our data secure is important to customers, partners, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. Cyber attacks or data loss can have significant impacts: Operations can be disrupted, revenue reputation lost, and clients and partners may look elsewhere. Attacks on personal data can lead to fines or other legal action.

At the same time,  resources are finite and a good cyber security programme needs to balance responding to cyber risks and keeping the business running with minimal disruption. This is not a contradiction – good cyber security programmes will support and enable the business without compromising on security.

What we do

With our vast experience in cyber security, we can help you assess and improve your cyber security arrangements in a way that supports your organization while addressing all relevant cyber security risks. We strongly believe that good cyber security should be based on standards or international best practice to ensure that all areas of risk are covered and to give you and your stakeholders the assurance that your security is managed professionally. We work with ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense, OWASP Top 10, to name but a few. We can help you find a framework (or a combination) that works for you.

To let you focus on what you do best: Making your business thrive.

We will help you meet your cyber security needs by, for example:

  1. Cyber Health Check
    We will assess your organisation’s cyber security arrangements in the most critical areas and provide you with a detailed report including recommendations for further action.
  2. Implementation
    Working with you, we will implement the required changes in a way that works for your organisation. We can also train your staff and ensure everyone is on the same page on cyber security. If you wish, we can also prepare you for certification to Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001 or whichever standard you require.
  3. Cyber Compliance
    Do you need to meet a set of requirements for a contract? Do your clients expect certification to a specific standard? Do you need to meet your organisation’s cyber objectives? We can help assess your current compliance and get you where you need to be in a quick and pragmatic way.

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